20 December 2019

University of Edinburgh Business School academic Paolo Quattrone has been featured in the popular Financial Management magazine.
Forgotten History of Accounting Words - Image of a Dictionary
Accounting terms commonly used today have a rich, useful, and sometimes surprising heritage.
Paolo Quattrone

In the article, Paolo explores the fact that accounting is often described as the "language of business", made of words that we now associate exclusively with monetary calculations and economic interests. But words have a history that is too easily forgotten.

Bringing that history back can help us understand how rich the nature of accounting was—and still is. Every financial transaction is always beyond finance: it often implies moral, social, political, and even religious meaning (hence the increasing call for greater exchanges between Western accounting and finance traditions and Islamic finance).

Paolo Quattrone

Paolo Quattrone is Chair in Accounting Governance and Social Innovation at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

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