26 August 2019

Professor Israr Qureshi, Professor of Social Entrepreneurship and ICT for Development at the Australian National University, visited the Business School in June to hold a workshop on Social Network Analysis.
Australian National University

Professor Qureshi has published widely across many organisational and management journals on subjects including various aspects of social value creation through sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, and ICT. He is involved in an ambitious project aiming to investigate the impact of social and indigenous enterprises in Australia. He is also engaged in various initiatives to address climate change, including zero-carbon future (A$10 million project), enhanced earth systems, and negative emission technologies.

The workshop he participated in at the Business School was designed as an engaging introduction to both basic and advanced concepts of Social Network Analysis. It provided particular insight into a quantitative empirical approach that is increasingly being used across various disciplines, such as organisational studies, management, business, sociology, political science, and communications.

Some of the other topics he expanded on included:

  • Hypothesis formulation
  • Considerations for research design and data collection
  • Research ethics and related issues
  • Data analysis and hypothesis testing
  • An introduction to UCINET software

This workshop supported the rapidly growing interest in issues of ethics, responsibility, and sustainability among our PhD students. It was sponsored by the University of Edinburgh Business School PhD programme as part of the school's mission to embed and integrate sustainability into our research, learning, teaching, and operations, and received great feedback from the attendees.

We would like to thank Professor Israr Qureshi for coming to Edinburgh and holding this workshop for our PhD students.

Photo by Australian National University