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Chair in Entrepreneurship and Head of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group

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Professor Francis Greene was appointed to a Chair position at Edinburgh University Business School in 2017.  Previously, he held positions at the Universities of Durham, Warwick and Birmingham. 

His business engagement work has seen him work for the OECD, the European Commission, the Federation of Small Business, some of the major banks in the UK, as well as individual and national governments.  This work has sought to practically improve understandings of entrepreneurship for individual businesses, and stakeholders such as the banks and national and international policy makers.

His research interests are focused on the start-up, growth and failure of entrepreneurial businesses.

Recent research has focused on learning among serial entrepreneurs, how birth order affects the likelihood of entrepreneurial activity, what role do hormones such as testosterone play in entrepreneurship, and how practically does business planning help entrepreneurs to create a viable new business.

His research also covers youth and graduate entrepreneurship, the role of entrepreneurship in regional economic development, small business finance and entrepreneurship policy.

He has held visiting positions at the economic consultancy ZEW in Germany, at Mannheim University and Swinburne University, taught at Erasmus University in the Netherlands, worked as a policy advisor to the New Zealand government, and worked at the SME research centre for one of the major UK banks.  He is a consulting editor for the International Small Business Journal.  His most recent textbook Small Business and Entrepreneurship (2010) will be replaced by a new textbook called Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.

His work has appeared in a variety of national and international media outlets including local and national BBC radio, the Times and Sunday Times, and the Scotsman.

Professor Greene is happy to consider PhD candidates. However, applicants need to have a very strong background in econometrics as he only takes students who exclusively focus on a quantitative approach to small business and entrepreneurship in developed economies.

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  • Start-ups, Growth and Closure
  • Role of entrepreneurship, Economic Development
  • Entrepreneurship Policy
  • Youth and Graduate Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial Determinants
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Hormones and Entrepreneurship

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