28 January 2019

I went to the Christmas market one evening with some friends, and it turned out to be one of my favourite moments from my time in Edinburgh. Here are three highlights from that evening.
Edinburgh Christmas Market

When December came along in Edinburgh, many magical things began to emerge. Christmas songs were played in Tesco, Christmas-themed drinks could be bought from Starbucks, and Christmas decorations could be seen displayed in shop windows everywhere. However, December is also a tough month for students and I felt exhausted from all the hours spent on exams and assignments. Therefore, when I submitted my last assignment, I just wanted to throw myself into all the things that I hadn't had time to do before.

And the first thing on the list was the Christmas market.


How would you feel if you could fly as high as the Scott Monument? Well, take a ride on the Starflyer to find out. Although the speed of the Starflyer was acceptable and I was able to stay calm (I didn’t scream!) I did hold on tight to my phone and hat, and the air was noticeably cooler up there. When we flew close to the Scott Monument, I felt like I was in a Harry Porter film without the magical tricks. Here I need to give credit to my friend Jessica, who was brave enough to film a video while she was still circling.

Mulled Wine

Add some spices to your red wine, warm gently, and your mulled wine is ready for you. Although mulled wine is a must-try at the Christmas market, I also discovered another drink that I enjoyed, with hot chocolate, rum, cream and cinnamon. This drink can warm your heart on a cold night. While the gentleman prepared five drinks for us, I told him that he would be famous for such talent by starring in the UEBSlife blog 🙂

German Sausages

One of the best things about Scotland is the mixture of different cultures. As Christmas has a close connection with Germany, it was not a surprise to see many German delicacies on sale. When you see German sausages in the Christmas market, you cannot pass by without trying one. We ordered three flavours of sausage: smoked, cheese and original. The smoked one was a little salty for me, but it was totally unforgettable. The cheese one is perfect for everyone who is in love with cheese. And the original one was also a crowd-pleaser. I wish I could have had them all and yet I became full too soon.

This was my first time at the Christmas market, but it didn't feel strange or unfamiliar. Maybe this was because I was able to see the joy of people sharing fun and laughter with their loved ones, knowing that these special moments together are cherished in every country and culture.

Xiang Hui, MSc International Business and Emerging Markets