1 March 2019

This month, Moody’s came to the Business School allowing us to meet with a group of employees working in different areas of the company, from mathematics to physics. This was a great opportunity for us to find out more about the roles that we would hope to move into in the financial sector.
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Moody's Presentation in lecture theatre

As a world-leading Business School, Edinburgh is committed to providing a vibrant and robust environment where students can engage with business professionals from around the world. I appreciate the resources that I have had access to and cherish every opportunity to meet with people from renowned companies. I would like to share my experience with Moody’s this month, to give you a peek at the type of activities that you will have access to, should you choose the Business School to further your studies.

As one of the largest credit rating institutions globally, Moody’s also provide research, tools and analysis that contribute to transparent and integrated financial markets.

Moody's presentation in lecture theatre

Killing the Interview

There were two events arranged by Moody’s in the afternoon. First, there was a presentation given by an Associate Director about how to deal with interviews. Interviews can be very tricky to prepare for, even for those who are experienced. Thus, it was helpful to learn from his insights. He started by introducing the format for interviews at Moody's and then shared a few tips that he used to prepare for interviews.

After the presentation there was a Q&A session during which students could ask questions for the Moody’s team to answer. I found it both very practical and useful and it made me think about a lot in terms of interviews.

Networking on the concourse
Networking on the concourse

Mock Interview

Before the second event, there was a networking event with Moody’s employees. Over tea and coffee, I enjoyed a few conversations with managers from Moody’s and was inspired by their professional approach and their passion for their work. Next was the mock interview that lasted about half an hour with two senior people from Moody’s. It was a very interesting experience to talk to these people and it enabled me to think about how I should perform during an interview. It is always beneficial to prepare more to help manage your nerves.

Moody's mock interviews

When you study at the Business School, I recommend taking every opportunity to meet with these remarkable people. These experiences will help you to find your passion and to learn more about what you want from your career.

Moody's mock interviews on the concourse

Xiang Hui, MSc International Business and Emerging Markets