24 May 2021

Lauren Maher, MSc in International Human Resource Management, shares her experince and thoughts on her recently attended, first session of the HR Forum.
Group of people having a meeting

I recently attended the first session of the entirely student-led HR Forum. This event was designed by Mantalena Fameli, MSc in Human Resource Management student, in collaboration with the Student Development Team, as part of her Edinburgh Award for Professional Development.

About the HR Forum

This exciting Forum, which will continue to be held throughout June and July, is open to all MSc students from the HR, International Human Resource Management, and Management programmes who wish to enhance their industry knowledge and expand their skills before they graduate.

Mantalena exclusively coordinated this four-pillar event with the support of the Student Development Team here at the Business School. She recognised an innovative way to help fellow students increase their networking abilities and industry awareness, by bringing in unique professionals to speak and share their valuable experiences.

Pillar 1: HR Analytics

The very first pillar of the Forum was HR Analytics. In this session, we had the opportunity to hear from Dr Lucia Görke, Senior Global People Data Specialist at Nestlé. She shared details of what it is like working in people analytics, which she described as a department every company is likely to have in the future.

She explained that the best part of a career in HR Analytics is getting to meet so many people from all over the world. She highlighted that if someone is interested in pursuing a career in this profession, they have to be passionate about people and data, and have an analytical and curious mindset.

It was fascinating to hear about this role, as well as the tools commonly used by People Analytics specialists to help companies solve their business problems. Dr Lucia Görke gave us a demonstration of a micro-polling simulator she uses called Peoplegeist. She explained this is a convenient way to collect feedback data from employees on the work environment and company culture of an organisation to create change.

This session was very informative and interactive, and provided an excellent introductory overview into the area of HR Analytics. Thank you, Dr Lucia Görke, for answering all of our questions and providing this fantastic opportunity to learn more about a crucial emerging area in HR.

Upcoming Sessions

There are still three more exciting pillars of the Forum left to cover. They are:

  • Pillar 2: HR Roles
  • Pillar 3: Digital Selection & Interview Skills
  • Pillar 4: Coaching Skills

Thank you, Mantalena, for creating this amazing initiative!

Lauren Maher

Lauren Maher is from Chicago, IL (USA) and is currently working towards an MSc in International Human Resource Management