26 February 2014

The University of Edinburgh Business School is holding its first annual conference in May, where a stellar line-up of guest speakers will explore the critical problems that leaders and managers face in today’s increasingly competitive and volatile business environment.
Business School exterior

The conference, taking place at the Business School on 9 May, will bring together academics and practitioners to explore the current challenges that businesses face and showcase how organisations have innovated and adapted to stay ahead of the competition.

Through a series of seminars and workshops covering topics such as CSR, strategic leadership and the impact of environmental changes upon business, delegates will hear about new approaches to addressing common challenges; develop skills that they can apply to their own role; and connect with others in a similar role.

John Amis, Chair in Strategic Management and Organisation at the School, will be speaking at the conference in a joint session with Larry Sullivan, Co-founder of COINS, about global inequality. He commented:

“Leaders of organisations face increasingly complex challenges that may be socially, politically, economically or technologically instigated. Effective organisations need leaders and skilled employees who can navigate what are rapidly changing business landscapes. Leading the Way is an opportunity for delegates to come together to examine some of these challenges, think about their implications, and consider potential courses of action.”

Leading the Way takes place on 9 May 2014 at the Business School.