Our Student Ambassador shares her thoughts on the programme and experience in Edinburgh so far.
Headshot of Ruby

What was your study and/or professional background prior to this programme?

I did my undergraduate study in Marketing and Management in the UK, then proceeded to work in marketing for an EdTech company before pursuing my postgraduate study at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Edinburgh Business School?

After a period of working in the industry, I realise that I need to deepen my knowledge of the marketing field, expand my professional network and experience living in a new city to open myself up to new opportunities.

About the course

What was it about the degree programme that particularly attracted you?

The range of courses included in the programme covers the foundational knowledge of marketing, while staying updated with contemporary topics in marketing such as sustainability marketing, digital marketing and international marketing. In addition, the wide range of industry engagement through guest lectures, networking events, etc.

How many people are on your programme (approx.), and what is the diversity mix like?

There are approx. 60 students in my cohort. I have classmates coming from many different countries around the world, with each of them having a unique experience and professional background in marketing or a different field prior to joining the MSc in Marketing.

What does a typical day look like for you on this programme?

I tend to have 2-3 days of in-person teaching and learning per week, which usually take place at the Business School (sometimes classes can be in other buildings too, since the University of Edinburgh has such a big campus with buildings all across the city!). The rest of the time I spend on my part-time job, volunteering and any other side projects, as well as hang out with friends and enjoy this beautiful city.

How much time do you spend in lectures and how much time do you spend studying each week (approx.)?

Each course typically has 2-3 hours of teaching per week, which take place in-person. Regarding self-studying time, I would say I spend around approximately 20 hours a week on average, although this will fluctuate depending on my number of assignments and exam season.

How feasible do you think it is to work part-time while pursing your Masters?

It is definitely possible and I know a lot of fellow Masters students who take up part-time jobs too! The key components here I’d say are time management and prioritising your tasks well, to make sure you meet all your deadlines while having enough time to work and enjoy your time doing the Masters.

What have been the differences between the teaching & learning methods in Scotland compared with your home country?

The focus on independent study and group projects are key differences that I notice. Especially students studying at postgraduate level are expected to undertake a lot of independent study to ensure we understand the knowledge well and be able to apply them into our assignments. Additionally, there are a wide range of group projects that we’re required to work on, which is a useful skill to gain experience in, in my opinion.

What course have you enjoyed the most so far and why?

Everything I have learned throughout the programme so far. This encompasses academic knowledge in marketing during class, practical skills through a wide range of assessments, latest news and trends in the industry through discussions in class, understanding of a new culture from my diverse cohort, awareness of new career direction and opportunities through industry engagement activities and many more.

Student experience

Have you been involved with any industry activities so far (e.g. company visits, guest speakers, student development, professional development sessions)?

I have participated in a wide range of career events and workshops organised by the Business School as well as university such as Discover Careers Fair, Employability and Careers Expo, mock interview workshop, networking events, etc. Within the MSc Marketing programme, we have received guest lectures from industry experts from Unilever, NatWest, St James Quarter. I am looking forward to the programme trek happening in June, where we visit offices of big employers such as Unilever and Ogilvy.

Is there a specific experience you’ve had so far on the programme that stands out?

There have been many wonderful experiences throughout my time studying at the Business School, one of which is the Employability and Careers Expo. It was a full day of skill workshops, speeches, panel discussions and lots of networking opportunities with employers and peers. I learned a lot from the day, found out about new career direction and practised different employability skills.

Have you joined any clubs or societies? What do you like to do outside of your studies? How do you spend your weekends?

I am a committee and member of SpeakEasy, a student-led community focusing on empowering UEBS students to improve their public speaking capabilities within a supportive and friendly environment. I am a big fan of the nature, cooking and baking. During my free time, I enjoy a long walk around the parks and lakes in Edinburgh, occasionally I go on day trips to nearby towns and cities in Scotland and spend time making good food to share with my friends.

Have you done any travel to other parts of Scotland or the UK since arriving in Edinburgh?

I have done day trips to St Andrew and Glasgow, occasionally I go down to England to visit some old friends too. I am hoping to see more of the highlands and the rest of Scotland during this year studying at the Business School.

What kind of accommodation are you living in and why did you choose that option?

I am staying in a university-managed student accommodation called O’Shea and this is my choice for various reasons. Firstly, its central location means I can get to central campus within 15-20 minutes walk. Secondly, it’s an accommodation for postgraduate students with many social activities, which allows me to make friends and live with others that share my lifestyle. Finally, it is close to a range of facilities such as university gym, train station.

How did you go about making friends and building a community in Edinburgh?

I make the most out of Welcome Week by joining different social activities organised by my accommodation and the Student Union. I then went to different taster sessions of student clubs and societies to find out which community I’d like to be a part of.

Looking ahead

What are you hoping to do after you graduate from this programme?

I am hoping to secure a graduate job in marketing and return to the workplace after this programme.

Do you have any tips for people considering applying to the Business School?

Research your programme carefully to make sure it is the one you are passionate about, spend time on tailoring your personal statement to make sure it reflects your background and experience in the best light possible, and do not hesitate to reach out to current students on Unibuddy platform to hear from others about their experiences studying and living in Edinburgh.