10 August 2021

A research paper by Professor Royston Greenwood, Professorial Fellow in the Strategy Group at the Business School, has received a prestigious award in recognition of its impact over the past decade.
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The Academy of Management Annals, a four-star journal with the highest impact factor among management journals, has given its 2021 Decade Award to Greenwood and colleagues’ paper, Institutional Complexity and Organizational Responses.

Published in June 2011, the paper is the journal’s most cited paper over the last ten years with 2,697 citations to date.

Professor John Amis, Head of the Strategy group at the Business School, said:

"This has become one of the most influential papers in the field. It has really developed our understanding of how organisations, rather than existing under the influence of a single or dominant institutional logic, almost invariably must contend with competing logics that can have a profound influence organisational behaviour. This paper has had a major impact on shifting our understanding in a fundamental way and very well deserves this recognition."

Congratulations to Royston from all of us at the Business School.

The full research paper is published in the Academy of Management journal: