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Weitao Li MSc

Changing outcomes propelled by fintech

Job title
Senior Technology Consultant
MSc Finance, Technology and Policy
Graduation year

The course

Why did you choose to study at the University of Edinburgh Business School (UEBS)?

UEBS provided me with a world-class business education at a school situated at the heart of the Scottish capital. I am amazed by the exceptional blend of top-tier education and diverse global community.

Additionally, Edinburgh stands as the second-largest financial hub in the UK, affording me unparalleled access to prominent financial institutions located within this vibrant city.

What was it about the degree programme that particularly attracted you?

The MSc in Finance, Technology and Policy offers a fantastic blend of traditional finance principles and cutting-edge technology.

I view fintech as a transformative force in the contemporary economy and aspire to acquire the most current insights in this field. UEBS stands out as one of the pioneering British universities providing an interdisciplinary programme with a dedicated focus on fintech, making it the ideal choice to align with my career aspirations.

Your career

Can you tell us about your career before and after graduating?

Upon graduating, I joined EY as a Graduate Technology Consultant. Now in a Senior Consultant role, I assist financial services clients in reimagining their technology and business strategies, while also aiding them in achieving their technological goals.

I help clients reimagine their IT strategies to achieve their technological goals.
Weitao Li MSc

How did your degree prepare you for your career?

The MSc in Finance, Technology and Policy has provided me with a strong foundation in comprehending how technology can bolster businesses and enhance their readiness for the forthcoming disruptions propelled by fintech.

A significant facet of my current position involves assisting clients in evaluating their IT strategies, thereby enabling us to establish transformative processes that align with their business objectives.

The insights I acquired through the MSc have equipped me to better grasp client requirements in a holistic manner and offer more effective solutions.

Masters of Change

What notable changes has your degree enabled you to make in your professional or personal life?

In my professional journey, I firmly believe that my MSc experience at UEBS has established a robust groundwork for my career at EY. This educational journey has metamorphosed me from a student into a young professional well prepared for my forthcoming career endeavours.

Furthermore, the enduring advantage of the Alumni network, which I gained upon graduating, continues to yield valuable benefits for my ongoing professional growth.

What are the changes you have been able to make in your chosen field, of which you are most proud?

I succeeded in securing a coveted tech graduate position within a prominent Big 4 firm – a role I aspired to.

How did your studies at the Business School help you to make those changes?

My tenure at the Business School greatly enriched my comprehension of the British economy, the domestic market, and the intricacies of the local job landscape. This invaluable perspective has served as the cornerstone that facilitated my integration into the local job market.

Simultaneously, this comprehensive knowledge has equipped me with a robust grasp of market dynamics, economic principles, and the transformative influence of technology. These dual perspectives have proven to be instrumental in navigating my transitions in this new environment.

What key things that you learnt at the Business School do you still rely on today?

Nurturing profound connections with cohort members is immensely rewarding. These relationships can extend well beyond the programme's duration, offering enduring benefits both in the present and in the times ahead.

Course highlights and advice

What are your best memories on the programme?

With its strong practical orientation, the curriculum integrated a substantial amount of team-based assignments, necessitating collective contributions from fellow team members. I derive immense satisfaction from the instances when my team and I worked in unison to tackle coding challenges, ultimately witnessing the successful execution of our models.

What one piece of advice would you give to current students and recent graduates?

I would emphatically advise embracing every opportunity and relishing life to the fullest. Your tenure at UEBS is bound to be a phase of your life that brings both enjoyment and enrichment. I wholeheartedly recommend embracing novel experiences, forging new friendships, and, above all, striving to actualize the person you aspire to become.

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