15 February 2018

Professor David Marshall met up with a group of Business School alumni in Sydney for drinks while he was on a research visit to the city.
sydney opera house Australia

They had a great evening and it was a chance for alumni to make new connections as well as reconnect with old ones, including two who didn’t know they were both in the same city and hadn’t seen each other since graduation 15 years ago.

Professor Marshall also met up with two undergraduate students from UEBS currently on exchange at the University of Sydney.

He was visiting Sydney as part of the ongoing collaboration with the University of Sydney, which was formalised in 2017. The Edinburgh Global initiative aims to build closer strategic links between the University of Edinburgh and the University of Sydney.

Five new research projects are being supported over the next three years. Professor Marshall’s particular research project, working with Associate Professor Teresa Davies of the University of Sydney Business School, is looking at commensality across two cities and the significance of the evening meal in contemporary families. Data collection is progressing and the initial analysis provides some interesting insights into contemporary food consumption.

During the visit, Professor Marshall also met with Professor Katherine Belov, Pro-Vice- Chancellor (Global Engagement) and staff at Sydney Global Mobility to discuss the research progress and explore opportunities for student exchange between the two institutions.