20 March 2020

From our first graduate in 1920, Margaret Stevenson Miller, to our most recent graduates in 2020, alumni of the University of Edinburgh Business School all share the same ambition to make an impact in their chosen field.
Alumni 100 - Headshots of some of our Alumni 100

An exciting part of the 100th Anniversary celebrations and a key feature of the anniversary's legacy, the Alumni 100 list showcases how our alumni have taken on the mantle of Margaret and continue to pave the way in their chosen fields. The list has been created to inspire our current students, to demonstrate what can be achieved after graduation, and to illustrate the calibre and reach of our global alumni network.

Our Alumni 100

Made up of 51 women and 49 men, the Alumni 100 work around the globe in a diverse mix of industries, each one of them still uses key skills they developed at the Business School on a daily basis.

Here's what a few of the Alumni 100 had to say after hearing they had made the list:

"A surprise and a huge privilege and honour...really!"

—Alan Jope, CEO, Unilever

"I'm elated! What a fantastic honour to be part of such a list in the historic year marking the centenary of the Business School. Thank you!"

—Grace Kermani, Program Manager, Google

"Absolutely honoured and humbled to be recognised."

—Kavi Thakrar, Founder, Dishoom

"I'm thrilled to be included—it was a lovely surprise!"

—Nicola McGowan, Vice President, Global Communications, Marelli Group

"It's very exciting to be selected for the Alumni 100 list. The Business School has so many amazing alumni to choose from. It's an honour to be selected and recognised for my contributions since graduating."

—Emma Northcott, Product Manager, Monzo

Selected with the School's 5 key values in mind (Visionary, Inspirational, Collaborative, Impactful, and Sustainable), the list will be refreshed every 3 years. To be in with a chance of being included on this impressive list, alumni just need to keep us up to date on what they are working on, engage with us, and take the time to share their knowledge and experience with current students.

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