6 November 2019

As part of our 100 Year celebrations we’re pleased to announce the formation of our Alumni Committee, created to support and develop our already high quality global alumni activities, the committee will work with alumni to further support student experience by providing a closer link to industry.
Staff and alumni in discussion drinking coffee

Launching at the end of November at an event in Edinburgh, we look forward to working with the Alumni Committee to further engage with our 16,700+ alumni around the world, promoting ways that alumni are able to engage with the Business School to support student experience and increasing the number of activities held by our regional alumni leads.

Our alumni network already provides students access to some of the most well-known companies around the world. The committee will be working to further expand this network to increase the number of local and international company visits, work experience opportunities and guest speaker sessions for our students, closing the gap and further improving the transition into the workplace.

Chaired by MBA Alumnus, Asanka Da Silva, the committee will have a number of key objectives that will support our aim of providing a world class service to Business School alumni. The committee has a representative on the International Advisory Board providing the opportunity to feedback on behalf of the alumni network during the IAB meetings—a unique opportunity for our alumni to steer the strategic direction of the Business School.