16 February 2022

Torn between which University to pick from the top three on your list? Most of us have gone through a similar nerve-wracking situation where it was just impossible to decide which was 'the one'.
8 reasons why I would recommend the Business School

Read on to find out my top reasons why I would recommend the University of Edinburgh Business School. Hopefully this will help you with your decision—the one you feel is best suited for you!

1. World-renowned university

The University of Edinburgh stands mightily as the Top 16th university in the world (according to QS World University Rankings 2022). The Business School is not just part of such a world-class institute but is also triple-accredited itself by AMBA, Equis and AACSB. It also holds multiple professional accreditations from CIMA, ACCA, CFA, CBI and the CIPD. Studying at the Business School allows us to chase our dreams and pushes us to achieve them quicker!

2. Meeting new people

Engaging yourself in a diverse group and interacting with people from across the globe will help develop key skills for the future and your programme. Understanding different perceptions and ideas on a given topic, discussing important issues and learning about cultural dynamics masked in informal conversations gives you a holistic experience to grow as an individual. Additionally, this year the Business School welcomed students of over 80 nationalities.

3. Café infused city

Make your weekdays less blue! Edinburgh is lined up with cute cosy cafés on every street. So, if you're someone who loves getting work done outdoors, preferably at a café (to skip the windy Scottish weather) and sip on your favourite latte (piping hot or iced—you pick!) you've come to the right place! Filled with decadent treats and an abundance of choices, you'll have a new café to try out every day!

4. Extracurricular activities

I was fortunate enough to have a few extracurricular activities organised by my programme. These included two-day workshops to upskill and be more appealing to a prospective employer, guest speakers from the corporate world to share their insights on different issues, and more! Besides these, there is also an industry trip organised by specific Business School programmes.

5. Student support teams

The Student Development Team on campus is equipped to provide you with any help you may need during your student journey. What do they do? Think workshops, mock interviews, CV reviews, tips on job strategy to help you master your professional side along with your programme. There are alumni sessions to help you understand more about the job market or learn from their experiences, cultural transition workshops to help you get accustomed to new experiences, and more. Other than that, the professors are very welcoming and approachable, ready to guide and help you out.

6. Scenic sights

Edinburgh is a beautiful city, and I cannot stress that enough. If you've been reading the other blogs I've written for the Business School, you've probably come across me talking about how beautiful the city of Edinburgh is at least once (trust me, that's an understatement). The Business School situated in such a beautiful location really deserves to earn some brownie points, doesn't it?

7. Study spaces

If you were wondering about where the wonderfully stacked library is located, you guessed right! The Main Library is just by the Business School. So immerse yourself in quiet time with books or last-minute study material with ease. An additional bonus? There are several peaceful study spaces for you to either study alone or organise group meetings for you and your teammates. You can also grab a refreshing drink from the library café or have informal meetings there too.

8. Edinburgh Award

Take part in the famous Edinburgh Award for Professional Development and proactively work on your development alongside your programme. An award? How does it work? Choose three skills you want to work on and develop further, capitalise on your strengths, and upskill to stand out for your potential employer! Take part in individual coaching sesions, be a part of the Buddy programme (a group you can work with who've chosen similar skills to you), and work on your own to find ways to sharpen and hone those chosen skills. To top that off, you're rewarded with an official certificate from the University to show off your achievement!

These are eight reasons why I would recommend the University of Edinburgh Business School. Excited to be a part of this reputable institute and start our journey? Search for the programme that interests you the most and begin your application!

Rhema Joseph is studying for MSc International Human Resource Management.