Embracing the process around strategy development and also the context in which strategies are created is key to implementing meaningful change. This module, offered as part of a programme for public sector leaders studying at Copenhagen Business School, explores local case studies and provides opportunities to meet the leaders behind these changes.

The programme has brought learners into contact with leaders behind strategies in organisations across Scotland including Edinburgh City Council 2050; the integration of health and social care in NHS Scotland; and the work of Scotland’s Violence Reduction Unit to change the way Scotland approaches violence reduction.

The cases provide an opportunity to understand how these strategies have been developed and implemented, what leaders did in the context they were operating and what happened next. Local participants learn more about these cases and reflect on what works and what they could do next, while international participants have an opportunity to reflect on their own strategies and apply learnings to their own situations.

Guest speakers shared valuable expertise, whilst peer support and networking provide a high impact and practical focus to the programme which is now in its 6th year.

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