By embedding the themes of strategy and leadership into everything we do, we prepare organisational managers for the new global challenges ahead. Through our online MBA, you'll learn new ways of thinking and develop your personal and leadership capabilities.

The online MBA is delivered part-time with entry points twice a year. The programme takes 2 years and 9 months to complete, and combines academic study with practical application. This is achieved both through case studies and via consultancy style projects with external organisations to broaden participants' insights into alternative business models and approaches.

The Professional Development programme, included as part of the core courses, is designed specifically to help enhance interpersonal and leadership skills. Unlike some other MBA programmes, we have made this a credit-bearing element in recognition of the importance of this as part of our students' development journey.

In addition to the core courses, you have the flexibility to choose to study two option courses and a 40 credit Capstone Project, or three option courses and a 30 credit Capstone Project.

Learning outcomes

A typical year of study might look as follows* — the below information details the structure and courses for this programme in 2024/25.

Year 1

Compulsory courses

Year 2

Year 3

Capstone Project

A problem solving assignment where students offer a critique of why an organisation faces a particular problem and a theory driven solution.
Choose a total of 60 credits.

Choose 1

Elective courses

Choose 2 or 3

Additional Features

  • 24/7 discussion forums
  • Alumni support
  • Comprehensive 'Return to Study' induction
  • LinkedIn/CV review and access to university career resources
  • Live business practitioner engagement
  • Live one-to-one coaching
  • Virtual social and keeping connected meet ups
  • Virtual speakers

*We will notify applicants of any changes to the programme structure and courses no later than 2 months before entrants start year 1 of the programme. We cannot guarantee that all option courses will run each year especially given that this programme lasts three years. Amendments may therefore happen after this date.

The content of individual courses and the programme for any given degree are under constant academic review in light of current circumstances and may change from time to time, with some programmes and courses being modified, discontinued, or replaced.

Due to high demand we cannot guarantee students a place on the optional course of their preference. Equally, if there is not enough interest in a given year for an option course then it may not be viable for us to run that particular option course. Some combinations of option courses may not be possible due to scheduling constraints.

Core and elective courses

Full programme details, including all available core and elective courses can be found on the University Degree Programme Tables website.

Online MBA degree Programme Table