The most effective career strategy is one you develop and own, one that is custom-built for your needs.

We anticipate graduate destinations to be aligned with executive and strategic roles across a wide range of industries and sectors.

As part of the MBA programme participants will engage with the professional development programme, designed explicitly to support participants in their pursuit of promotion or new careers. We also offer career-focused coaching which will further support you in your career journey.

The employment market is highly competitive, but the Edinburgh MBA is distinctive and will provide participants with a competitive edge.

Career development services

  • 24/7 discussion forums
  • Access to the University’s central careers service
  • Alumni connections and mentoring
  • Career coaching
  • Live business practitioner engagement
  • MBA-specific job platforms
  • Virtual guest speakers

Alumni connections

Access a powerful and warm network of nearly 19,000 alumni worldwide. This network of Business School alumni opens up for candidates who see the value of a global network in every sector.

Once you have your career strategy built, and your narrative written, we can help you connect with alumni in your area of interest.

View our alumni network