The Professional pathway route is an exciting new opportunity for students already in a senior management or research role who are looking to explore a changing aspect of their organisation, profession, or industry.

Linked to the PhD in Management programme, this route will allow students to maintain their current occupational role, studying full or part-time at the University of Edinburgh. The route is three years full-time and six years part-time. While the courses are designed to be flexible to fit around professional life, this route is not a distance learning programme. Students will be expected to be based in or near Edinburgh to participate in the PhD community.

The training foundation given to all PhD students in the Business School is tailored for those on the professional route and focuses entirely on the development of their research proposal. As a student on this route you will undertake four compulsory Supervised Reading courses to build your research skills, under the guidance of your supervisor.

Course Code Course Name Semester Credits
CMSE11442 Supervised Reading: Refining the Proposal 1 20
CMSE11443 Supervised Reading: Methods 1 1 20
BUST11231 Supervised Reading: Literature Review 2 20
CMSE11444 Supervised Reading: Methods 2 2 20

As your supervisor will play a large role in your training, any formal application to this route should be made along with support from your proposed supervisor.

How to apply

For information on the entry requirements and how to apply, please see the Entry Requirement guidance for the PhD with Integrated Study in Management programme. Interested applicants should first contact potential supervisors, sending them a draft proposal and academic CV.

Once you and your proposed supervisor are ready to proceed, please submit an application to the PhD with Integrated Study in Management programme using our online system. In addition to the application documents required for an application to the general route, please also provide the following:

  1. A one-page statement detailing why this route is a good fit for you, and how your proposed supervisor will help to provide a supportive and challenging environment for your particular research topic. Please ensure that this statement includes any specific training needs.
  2. A supervisory CV to demonstrate how this particular supervisor is a good, if not the best, fit with your particular topic.

For both documents you will need to work closely with your proposed supervisor. For the supervisory CV element we would expect the proposed supervisor to take the lead.