How faculty research has led to the formulation of carbon capture, utilisation, and storage policy in China.

Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS) is a key technology in climate change mitigation. Research conducted at the University of Edinburgh Business School since 2012 has helped to make CCUS a reality for the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases: China. Techno-economic and policy research at the Business School led to the formulation of national CCUS policy in China. It also led to the establishment of the first carbon-capture technology innovation platform in Asia, the 20kt Guangdong Carbon Capture Technology Centre (GCCT), a 100kt full-chain CCUS project in Yanchang Petroleum, and the first iron and steel carbon capture pilot in Xinjiang (100kt).


Francisco Ascui Headshot

Francisco Ascui

Senior Lecturer in Business and Climate Change

Matthew Brander Headshot

Matthew Brander

Senior Lecturer in Carbon Accounting and Director, MSc Carbon Finance

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Richard Harrison

Chair in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Kathi Kaesehage Headshot

Kathi Kaesehage

Lecturer in Climate Change and Business Strategy

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Xi Liang

Previously the Senior Lecturer in Energy Finance & Director, Centre for Business and Climate Change

Mengfei Jiang

Research Fellow

Qianguo Lin

Professorial Fellow