17 September 2019

As we enter mid-September, the Business School celebrates the arrival of our new research students, and welcomes back the returning ones. In a series of events throughout the second week of September, representatives from the School and across the University spoke to our students about the services, societies, and opportunities available to them as they continue with their studies.
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Doctoral Society

The DocSoc promotes research, organises social events, builds connections to alumni and industry, and helps the School react to important issues raised by the student body. Each year the Society is given a budget for organising seminars, workshops, conferences, a PhD day, and social events.

Find out more about the Doctoral Society

Financial Support

The Business School is dedicated to supporting the research culture of its students. Depending on your programme and year of study you will be eligible to apply to several different funding streams. Examples of the funding available include the Conference Funding, World Class Workshops, The Go Abroad Visiting Scholar Fund, Professional Body Membership, and Publication Prizes.

For more information on available funding, and how to apply, please visit the Postgraduate Research Hub on Learn, particularly the ‘Student Resources and Facilities’ section.

Becoming a Research Assistant

Becoming a research assistant at the Business School is an opportunity to work on research projects throughout your postgraduate degree. The School maintains “The RA Pool”, which is a group of Research Assistants who are available on a short-term or ad-hoc basis to work on research projects. Colleagues at the Business School can apply to the RA pool to employ a PhD student to work with them on specific projects.

Details about the application process has been announced via e-mail and as an announcement on the Postgraduate Research Hub, but if you want to know more please contact Sam Canning at research@business-school.ed.ac.uk.

Training as a Teaching Assistant

Both new and current students can apply to become a teaching assistant (TA) at the Business School. For those appointed as TA’s this academic year, several support sessions will be available in both semester 1 and 2 enhance your teaching and marking skills. For more information on what is available, and guidance on how to apply next year please visit the Postgraduate Research Hub (under Study Resources and Facilities).

Business School Library

As a post-graduate student of the university, you have access to the collections of the Main Library, where you may borrow up to 60 books at any time. Students of the Business School also have access to the Business School Hub Library, which provides additional access to provide access to company and financial data, market research reports, and global news sources.

Student Wellbeing Service

Working on post-graduate study can be a stressful experience, and the University aims to support its students throughout their studies. Esteemed colleagues Paddy Corscadden, Janet Gardiner, and Jenny Leeder talked during our welcome events about the various support available throughout the University, including the Chaplaincy, the Student Counselling Service and the Student Disability Service.

The Advice Place

Situated in Potterrow, the Advice Place is run by the Edinburgh University Students Association, and aims to provide advice to all students that is confidential, impartial, professional, non-judgemental, and free.

Greta Elliott from the Advice Place visited to discuss the many services that are available, including guidance about funding, specialist academic advice about concessions, complaints and appeals, assistance with lease-checking and other housing enquiries, and confidential services such as the C Card which offer free contraception, pregnancy tests, and sanitary products.

More information about the Advice Place