The Doctoral Society is a representative body. It is autonomous from the School and is run by doctoral students, for doctoral students.

The success of the Society depends upon the input from the students; the more input and initiative from the students, the more valuable the Society will be.

Each year the Society is given a budget for organising seminars, workshops, conferences, a PhD day, and social events. Nominations and elections for Doctoral Society committee members take place at the beginning of each academic year and these positions are keenly contested.


Foster community among PhD researchers

Help build a sense of community and solidarity among PhD researchers, whether through events, informal gatherings, newsletters, or other initiatives.

Represent PhD interests to the School

Ensure there are opportunities and avenues for PhD researchers to systematically voice interests and concerns to PhD and School leadership, and serve as conduit to this.

Support career development of PhD researchers

Based on input of PhD community, work with PhD leadership to facilitate resources, training, networking, and other activities to support PhD career development.

Cultivate and shape research culture

Help shape research agendas and disciplines/specialisations within and beyond the School through representation on Research and Research Degrees Committees, and in coordination with subject groups. Help cultivate a culture of curiosity and collaboration around research.

Coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic and moving back to in-person work and research, the Doctoral Society will play a crucial part in rebuilding our community. The team and I are working hard on putting together events to foster community building and creating a safe and supportive research environment for every PGR student in the Business School. We look forward to meeting this year's cohort and working together to represent the student interest in the School.
Johanna Wiesflecker, Doctoral Society Convenor

Current Committee

Convenor: Johanna Wiesflecker

Subject Group

Management Science and Business Economics

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Vice Convenor: Elaf Basri

Subject Group

Organisation Studies

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Treasurer: Yiwei Zhang

Subject Group


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Marketing/Social Media/Communications (MSC) Representative: Stella Kyratzi

Subject Group


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MSC Representative: Jingyuan Chen

Subject Group

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Events Coordinator: Shumin Zheng

Subject Group

Organisation Studies

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Events Coordinator: Emma Yang


Subject Group


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First Year PhD Representative: Abhishek Nimesh

MSc by Research Representative: Yifan Qi