An Innovative Mindset Headshot

Ameer Ibrahim

MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2020

Masayoshi Son Fellow at Schwarzman Scholars, Tsinghua University, Beijing

Following his MSc at Edinburgh, Ameer secured a place on the Schwarzman Scholars programme, one of the most distinguished scholarships in the world, to study for an MSc in Global Affairs.

Tell us about your career path and why you chose to study for an MSc at the Business School?

Before my MSc, I worked as an Associate at PwC. I always had the ambition to pursue a postgraduate degree, and through organisations such as the Asia Scotland Institute and the Scottish Financial Enterprise Young Professional Network, I had the opportunity to engage with the Business School and learn about its incredible range of postgraduate programmes.

I felt that the MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation provided an opportunity to enhance my knowledge and skills needed for my future professional pursuits. During my time working both within the third sector at the University of Glasgow and within a large multinational at PwC, I developed a strong appreciation of the importance of developing skills with an entrepreneurial mindset.

My experiences to date, including working overseas, have given me insights into the fast pace of development on a cross-sectoral basis. I believe innovation is a required foundation if someone aspires to pursue a leadership role in the future.

What further experience did you gain while studying?

I have always held a strong interest in the fields of politics, governance, and civic engagement. I was fortunate following my MSc graduation at Edinburgh, that I received the student community's support to be elected as the University-wide Postgraduate Representative.

This built on the experience I had already gained during my undergraduate studies at Adam Smith Business School in Glasgow where I had held two elected full-time roles, both as President and Vice President of Glasgow University Students’ Representative Council.

When was your interest in the Schwarzman Scholars programme sparked?

I applied to the Schwarzman Scholars programme in the first couple of months of my MSc at Edinburgh. The support and encouragement I received from students and staff across the Business School was incredible, and I will be forever grateful to the community.

In November 2019, I heard that I had been successful in my application and was awarded a place on the Schwarzman Scholars programme to undertake a second master's degree in Global Affairs at Tsinghua University in Beijing.

I am a named fellow, one of 131 Schwarzman Scholars out of 4,700+ global applicants to receive a full scholarship to undertake this prestigious programme in China. As a student within the fifth cohort, this international scholarship prepares the next generation of business, civic, and political leaders within an approximate 3% acceptance rate.

What are your future aspirations?

In the long-term, I aspire to work within venture capital. Through courses undertaken on my MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation that developed my understanding of developing a business plan, new venture creation, the innovation landscape, and technological innovation, I believe I have gained a strong foundation in forging a future career within venture capital.

Additionally, the community at the Business School is something that lasts long after completion of studies. Pursuing a master's degree within an international and socially diverse environment is a learning experience within itself, where I firmly believe lifelong friendships have been formed.

Alumni wisdom — if you could offer one piece of advice to current students, what would it be?

The last year has undoubtedly been unprecedented for all students due to the impact of the pandemic. Studying this year on an international programme has given me a strong appreciation of community importance, whether in-person or virtual.

I would advise any current student to utilise opportunities to engage with fellow current students and the incredible staff network and alumni community from the University. There is still a world of opportunity out there, and with my innovation hat on, it just requires an innovative mindset to engage.

Despite the pandemic, there is still a world of opportunity out there. It just requires an innovative mindset to engage.