Change the System, Not Yourself Headshot

Geraldine Gallacher

MBA Business Studies

MD at the Executive Coaching Consultancy and Public Speaker for Women at the Top

Early in her career, Geraldine Gallacher spotted a gap in the market: one-to-one coaching, helping individuals develop in the workplace. Her coaching company now has over 50 coaches worldwide, and has made pioneering moves in the industry.

In 2005, they noticed a huge flaw in the system. Talented women were being lost after having a baby as firms didn't know how to retain them. A change needed to happen. In a bid to change this, maternity coaching was introduced. Now known as Parental Transition Coaching, this is a movement that continues to improve female retention rates and improve company culture across sectors.

Geraldine has since become a leading voice in boardroom diversity—the person big businesses call when they'd like to retain talent and make their workplaces more diverse.

Great business isn't about following suit—it's about paving the way. In Geraldine's case, that begins with redefining outdated company systems.