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Margaret Stevenson Miller

Our first graduate

Influential campaigner for gender equality in the workplace

In 1919, 23-year-old Margaret Stevenson Miller walked through our doors for a lecture in Accounting.

She graduated a year later and joined the University of Liverpool as a lecturer, where her work in finance was highly respected.

However, married women and professional work were deemed incompatible, and she was fired in 1932 after marrying.

But she didn't give up. With the support of feminist groups nationwide, she appealed the University's decision. Her job was never reinstated, but her story was central to the Campaign for the Right of the Married Woman to Earn.

She later worked as a research strategist in Soviet Affairs during WWII and continued to write, lecture, and broadcast on Soviet Economics until her death in 1979.

Fight for your convictions, and great things will come.