Engineering a Career Shift to Reveal Layers of Talent Headshot

Helene Claire

MBA 2009

Managing Director, BleuFuture Institute

Several years into a technical career, Helene Claire realised something needed to change.

Working in the mechanical engineering sector in Germany, she found herself increasingly involved in business plans, but when colleagues asked about strategic issues, she felt she was missing something.

"I was not confident answering those questions. I decided to shift to an environment that was more international, multidisciplinary, somewhere that was all about strategic thinking."

The shift led to the Edinburgh MBA, which she describes as "living day and night with the class" and working with numerous projects over an intense 12 months.

The MBA helped her present, explain, and drive ideas in a multicultural, multidisciplinary world.

"People have many layers that maybe they don't realise. It's good to grow into those layers, rather than just focusing on one of them."

Helene is now based in South Africa, working on water infrastructure management and entrepreneurship projects, as well as delivering leadership education. It's been a big change going from being an employee in a large firm to becoming your own boss.

"In a bigger workplace you can be supported but in your own business you need to show you are trusting yourself."

It's about 360 degree management. I take full responsibility.