Looking Beyond the Obvious Headshot

David Cruickshank

BCom 1979

Alumni 100
Former Global Chairman of Deloitte (now part-time Adviser) and Chair of two charities; Education and Employers and the Social Progress Imperative

Following a long career at Deloitte, David now channels his expertise into work for two charities working on inclusive growth, and inspiring and motivating young people in the UK.

How does it feel to be selected for the Alumni 100 list?

"Very honoured—thank you to those (whoever you are) for nominating me!"

What made you choose to study at the University of Edinburgh Business School?

"At school, I knew I wanted to go into business in some way and I thought this looked like the best degree choice in Scotland."

What are your memories of studying at the Business School?

"It expanded my horizons and gave me space to learn. We had some great tutors and lecturers. We also had a lot of fun and made many friends."

What's the one thing you think current students need to develop or learn before entering the modern workplace?

"Assume everything's possible and don't limit your ambitions but take time to learn from others—no-one has a monopoly of wisdom."

What key thing that you learnt at the Business School do you still rely on today?

"To question and to look beyond the obvious."

Proudest work-related achievement to date?

"I've been very grateful for my career at Deloitte which started in 1979 and finished this year, and which has given me so many great opportunities culminating in my role as Global Chairman."

No-one has a monopoly of wisdom.