Success Through Sustainability Headshot

Ilana Taub

MA (Hons) Business Studies 2008

Co-founder, SNACT and Co-founder, Bolder

With a background in business sustainability, and having dabbled in the world of alternative finance for a few years, Ilana realised that the future of food was to be her 'bread and butter'.

She co-founded SNACT, a sustainable snack brand, in 2013.

"We started SNACT because we wanted to create a business that does things differently and positively contributes to changing our food system."

Since setting up, they have saved more than 250 tonnes (and counting) of food from going to waste. The company also wraps its snacks in home-compostable packaging to tackle public waste.

"Incorporating sustainability in everything we do has opened a lot of doors for us, both in terms of reaching customers and in getting help financially and practically from individuals and organisations.

"We have achieved national distribution, won awards such as the Global Good Awards' Best Eco Product, and gained international media recognition."

Ilana has been both a London Leader and a proud Unreasonable Fellow. The London Leader programme was run by the Mayor of London and the London Sustainable Development Commission and recognised entrepreneurs and organisations for their work in making London a greener and sustainable city.

Unreasonable is an organisation, investment fund, and private global network dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs positioned to bend history in the right direction. Unreasonable's mission is to drive resources into and break down barriers for select companies leveraging profit to solve the seemingly intractable social and environmental challenges of our time.

In 2019, she co-founded Bolder, underpinned by the belief that it's time to be bolder while faced with the scale of environmental and social challenges that lie ahead of us. Bolder exists to help other businesses be the solution to environmental issues by being bolder in their ambition and action.

I love exploring ways in which we can build a better food system, specifically looking at the roles we all play in it—whether it be as producers, growers, eaters, or just as people who enjoy sharing food.