12 October 2018

It's been a month since I started my journey at the Business School, and in that time it has been really exciting to talk to my classmates who come from different countries and professional backgrounds. In this blog, I would like to introduce you to three of my classmates on the International HR programme, to share their experiences of the University of Edinburgh.
Princes Street, Edinburgh

Simone from the Netherlands

Simone Smink is one of our Student Representatives and comes from the Netherlands. She worked for a year before joining the International HRM programme and is really excited about studying at the Business School. Here's what she has to say about her experience so far.

"I find my hometown and Edinburgh to be fairly similar, which is probably why I have adapted to my new environment so easily. When it comes to lectures, I find them really enjoyable because there are a lot of opportunities to speak up in class, and the professors are encouraging and pleasant. The group activities have given me the opportunity to get to know more about the different parts of the world that classmates come from.

"I believe that I have chosen the right course because I'm happy with the course content and I'm excited about the readings, which are subject specific and diverse. I'm also pleased with the different opportunities that the Business School provides to develop and grow in a corporate setting."

Emmanuael from France

Emmanuel from Paris, France, is the entrepreneur of our class. He has worked with his cousin on a restaurant business in the past, and currently looks after his own clothing business in Paris in his free time. This is his second Master's. He completed his first Master's in Finance back in France and is now studying HR because he wants to learn to work more efficiently. Here is why he chose the Business School:

"I wanted to gain a formal education in two major domains of business (Finance and HR) to help me grow my business in the future. What I appreciate about the university is that they respond promptly to any problems you are having. I also love the infrastructure at the University and the resources students have access to such as the library, study pods and discussion rooms. I find the environment in class to be quite friendly as the number of students is less, which gives rise to healthy discussions with everyone making a contribution. I am excited about visiting different places in Edinburgh, and would like to go sailing someday soon."

Keying from China

Next is Keying from China, who has a Bachelor’s degree in English Translation. She does not have any full-time work experience, but has done an internship. She chose this course because she didn’t want a career in English translation and was interested in management. Here's what she has to say about studying at the School.

"I find it interesting because a career in HR will give me new opportunities every day to deal with different people, and help them in different situations. I am very excited about being in a new city and have already visited different places in the UK. I want to make the most my time here by being an all-rounder. I make sure to contribute in every class, and I also aim to learn from my classmates who have already worked in HR for a few years.

"I feel the people here in Scotland and at the university are super-friendly and social. This has helped me to adjust to living in a new place. I also admire the fact that a lot of people from the university have helped me to get settled in my first week (Welcome Week).

"I try to make the most of the resources provided by the school by attending the special Student Development sessions every week. I love the diversity in the class because I get to experience things from all over the world. A few days back, one of my Indian friends (yes, Vinisha 😀) made me taste Indian food which I am quite happy about!"

The Business School has brought together people from different parts of the world who, until a few weeks ago, were complete strangers, but now sit, talk, study and eat together. The students are finding this course interesting and full of new knowledge. Every week brings new activities and group tasks. There are so many extra activities to do that are not only developing our knowledge and understanding, but also are a great addition to our CVs. While almost all of us have long term goals, right now we are just trying to make the most of our year at the University of Edinburgh Business School.

Vinisha Prakash, MSc International Human Resource Management