26 October 2018

Some of the first questions that I had when I applied to the University of Edinburgh Business School included, "How did previous students do?" and "Did they all get good jobs?" We recently met with alumni from different graduating years to find out.
Masters in Human Resource Management Alumni Panel debate

When applying to different Universities, every student wants to know what previous students from their programme went on to do after graduation. With this in mind, the Business School has for the last 3 years organised an alumni meet for the Masters' in Human Resource Management (HRM) and International HRM programmes.

The Alumni Meet is a great event where previous students share their experiences with current students, and respond to their queries if they have any. This year, alumni from different graduating years gave small talks on their experiences at the university: what they thought it would be like, what their actual experiences were, what they did after graduation, and what they think they should have done.

Lots of Questions

Andy Agouridis, Vinzenz Ackermann, Alasdair Howe, Amy Lindley, Emily Collins, Blakely Grimm, Lauren McKay, Nadja Wolfer and My Ekstrom each shared their own view of the Business School and the impact it has had on their careers. The event was followed by a networking session where we had the opportunity to speak one-to-one with the alums. This part of the event was more comfortable and personal for me. We were free to ask any questions that we had had in our minds since the beginning of the programme, and they were all kind enough to give their insights. Our questions ranged from compulsory modules and optional courses to job opportunities and job visa queries.

It was a relief to know that even previous students had experienced some confusion at the start of their programme, because just like us, they came from different academic disciplines and cultures. The session was important for us because it helped us to understand various aspects of our course more clearly.

Key Things Alumni Want You to Know

  • Make the most of your time in Edinburgh; not only by taking advantage of the opportunities the Business School provides, but also by enjoying the beauty of the city. The city has a lot to offer and there are various places nearby that deserve to be explored.
  • Job hunting is a relative process and differs from person to person. Some people may start looking for jobs now, while some may wait for the semester to end; we need to work out what suits us best.
  • Make the most of the support provided by Student Development Team for applications and interviews.
  • Don't underestimate the importance of networking.
  • Plan out your dissertation and don't panic about it. Follow your plan and stick to the schedules you have made.
  • Go for entry level jobs if need be and using them as stepping stones to move up the hierarchy and develop yourself professionally.
  • Never stop learning, even after you start your career.

Alumni Meet was a great event, which also helped to reassure us that, just like the previous students, we too can manage all the deadlines, take part in all the events, complete our dissertation and get through our degree.

A huge thanks to the alumni for coming to the School and giving us the confidence that we can do it too.

Vinisha Prakash, MSc International Human Resource Management