14 November 2019

Marilia Kypraiou shares her experience of settling in to Edinburgh as she moves here for an MSc in Marketing and Business Analysis.
Old College, Edinburgh University

First Things First: Applying and Accommodation

Submitting Your Application

When you make the big decision to apply for a position on one of the MSc programmes at the University of Edinburgh Business School, you know that your life is about to change. The first thing you have to do to make this change happen is submit your application. So, after collecting all the necessary documents, the University of Edinburgh has a very easy, step-by-step process for you to complete your application form, upload files, and pay the application fee. This allows prospective students to apply on their own, avoiding paying an organisation to apply on their behalf, which can often be quite expensive.

The application form is separated into ten different parts and it's not compulsory to fill all of them at once. You can save your application and go back to it when you are ready. You should take a look at the application rounds, as these dates can affect how long it will take for the University to respond to your application.

Receiving Your Offer and the Search for Accommodation

After receiving an offer from the University the next important step for each student is to search for accommodation. There are two types of accommodation to choose from: private accommodation and university accommodation. If you are an international student you are in luck, because you will be given priority for university accommodation. For European students, it's preferable to start doing some early research in order to find a good value-for-money option.

Although international students are prioritised for university accommodation, it's not guaranteed that they will get their preferred choice. Additionally, getting a room from the University can have both pros and cons. One the one hand, students that stay in university accommodation will live in the heart of Edinburgh, close to the University. It's a very convenient location—about a 10- or 15-minute-walk to the University. On the other hand, students don't have the opportunity to choose their preferred room, and there is a possibility that you will need to share the kitchen and bathroom with other students, which may not suit everyone. Also, you won't know anything about your roommates before you move in which can sometimes be a bit risky!

Searching Online for Private Accommodation

There is always the opportunity to search for private accommodation, where the rent will probably be about the same as University accommodation (especially if you start searching as early as possible). This option also gives you the chance to select a place that meets your particular criteria. The process of searching and finding the most suitable space can be difficult, but there are numerous websites that can help you with this. For instance, some of the sites I used included:

Finally, it is very important to check how far the accommodation is from the University and the centre of the city, and which means of transport are available.

Taking everything into consideration, starting a new life in a new city is never easy, but step-by-step everything can be arranged to make this new journey exciting.

Marilia Kypraiou

Marilia Kypraiou is from Athens, Greece, and is studying for the MSc in Marketing and Business Analysis.

Her undergraduate degree is in Economics from the University of Piraeus, Greece. She likes cooking, listening to music, and as a teenager used to practice an ancient Greek martial art, 'Pagration'.