17 January 2022

Sabina Mukhtarova, MSc Management, shares what she wishes someone would have told her before moving to the University accommodation.
Students eating pizza together in a common living area

I live in O’Shea north Residence hall, which is within 15 minutes walking distance to the University of Edinburgh Business School and Old College. My flatmates and I share one kitchen and corridor.

The kitchen is fully equipped and I was surprised to find out that a hand blender was also provided. The kitchen is divided into two parts, one part is suitable for cooking and eating and the second part is a perfect space to socialise and chat with neighbours and friends. In addition, many events are organised by the Residence Assistants in the common room of the residence hall, for instance, we recently had a pizza night and an Indian Diwali Festival. There are also table tennis courts and a music room available.

The assistance offered by the Student Accommodation Team and the feeling of security that student accommodation could give me influenced my decision to stay here. Before my arrival, the Student Accommodation Team answered all my questions and helped me through the entire application process.

Knowing who to contact in case of any problems is important to me. For instance, the plinth in my bathroom door was wobbling, and the appropriate department fixed it. Also, the common areas and private bathrooms are cleaned once a week. Additionally, we had recently room review where staff checked in with us to find out if anything needed to be fixed.

Before you apply for accommodation

  • Check the University website to see available options:
  • Plan your budget and decide if you want a catered or self-catered accommodation. Also, I would advise you to check the locations through Google Maps.
  • Ask questions. I want to mention that the University staff are very well trained and friendly but be prepared to not to receive all the answers immediately.
  • When you apply for accommodation, the system will ask you to choose five options. So, be prepared to receive the last option you chose and I highly recommend choosing your five options carefully.

When you arrive at shared accommodation

  • Organise a meeting with your neighbours. It is crucial to build strong relations with people who live next to you. In case of an urgent situation, you can knock on the nearest door and receive the support you need.
  • Make a timetable for throwing away rubbish. For instance, we decided that each person would throw out the garbage for one week in our flat.
  • Arrange cleaning hours of shared areas. For example, my neighbours and I decided to clean up the complete kitchen every time we use it and immediately use a vacuum cleaner if we drop something.

Sabina Mukhtarova is studying MSc Management.