18 December 2018

It was the 10th of September when I first met my classmates in the Business School, and it was 4th of December when we celebrated together with an end-of-semester dinner.
Time Flies: Students at the University of Edinburgh Business School

It is difficult to express how quickly these months have passed. With all new these people around, I never thought that I would be able to adjust into my new surroundings so easily, but with each passing day things have only got better.

IHRM End of Semester Party

Learning techniques

The first semester was unexpected and adventurous, with all those back-to-back assignments testing our capabilities and mental capacity, and the 2 hour-long lectures, guest lectures, and other activities. At the Business School, it is not just about attending the lectures and learning the theory, but also realising their importance and application in real life. Every assignment that we are given is a clear application of what we have learnt during the lectures, and requires us to think in different directions.

It becomes easier when learning is made fun and the first semester was full of such activities. Starting with the Production Game which kept all of us quite busy throughout the semester, it was a great way of learning about how teams work and how we work in teams, and how we should actually work.

The group discussions revolving around different cases and scenarios in the class have not only allowed us to think about the practical aspects but also motivated us to speak up in class, thus enhancing our speaking skills and confidence. Studying with such a globally diverse group has always been an enriching experience, giving new insights into different parts of the world.

Dealing with workload pressure

Initially, a lot of us thought that it would be very difficult to deal with the pressure building up due to assignments and presentations. And indeed it was, but it was never something we couldn’t cope with. Looking back over October and November, it feels good knowing that we all completed our assignments on time, despite it being a super-hectic and stressful time. I am sure not all of us did perfectly in every subject and some of us may not have scored what we expected, but everybody has their own way of learning and no matter what, scores are not a reflection of the same.

The first semester has not only allowed me to develop my academic knowledge but also to develop as a person. The Student Development Team offers wonderful support to students at the Business School. Be it regarding job searches, CVs, or developing skills, such as interpersonal or presentation skills, the team has always been there to guide and help us.

At the end of my first semester, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it was super busy and challenging, but it feels great to have come this far. I'm definitely looking forward to the next! 😉

Vinisha Prakash, MSc International Human Resource Management