10 March 2021

A major Business School project working with employers and older workers is one of two from the University awarded grants totalling over £3 million to meet the challenge of healthy ageing.
man and woman talking inside an office

The research projects, which will work in collaboration with the University's Advanced Care Research Centre (ACRC), have received funding as part of the Healthy Ageing Challenge established by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). The Challenge aims to support projects encouraging older people to remain active, productive, independent, and socially connected across generations for as long as possible.

Within the Challenge, the Social, Behavioural, and Design Research Programme awarded grants of up to £2 million to projects which would provide insights into the needs and opportunities of an ageing population.

The University of Edinburgh was successful in gaining two out of the seven awards made under the programme.

Beyond 10,000 Steps, led by the Business School, will work with employers and older workers to understand ways in which health needs can be addressed to enable productive later-life employment.

Using these findings, the aim is to develop a suite of innovative projects and data-driven interventions to improve the health, wellbeing, and financial stability of older workers.

Wendy Loretto, Dean of the Business School, said:

“With this funding in place, we have a real opportunity to make a difference to older people in the workplace, ensuring they are well supported to continue in their chosen career.”

Healthy Working Lives, led by Social and Political Science, also looks at employment, but specifically in the social care sector. The project addresses challenges in the recruitment, retention, and enhancement of the health and wellbeing of older workers employed in residential care sectors.

Linda McKie, Dean of the School of Political and Social Science, said:

“Care work has a high staff turnover rate, and we want to work with the care sector to lower this, by making it an attractive proposition for older workers looking for rewarding work.”

Both projects began work on 8 March, and more details will be published later in the year.

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