Student Treks offer postgraduate students at the University of Edinburgh Business School the opportunity to visit companies in their chosen industries, network with professionals in-house and meet with UEBS alumni working in those sectors. Taking place in semester three, they give students a first-hand look into their potential future careers before the end of their studies. Ruby Dao, an MSc Marketing student, shares her advice for networking while on Trek.
Student networking on a Student Trek

Networking is a key part of any Student Trek, which can be daunting for students - myself included! So, I reached out to the dedicated Student Development Team at the Business School to find out their top tips for getting Trek-ready. Here’s what they said:

Understand the “why” behind your networking

It’s important to determine your Student Trek objectives and reflect carefully on the reasons why you are networking: Do you want to build your network? Are you looking for answers to a specific question? Or, are you simply practising your communication skills? Having a clear goal in mind will help inform your preparation strategy and ensure you stay on track with achieving those goals.

Keep track of your daily itinerary

Student Treks can be intense with a busy schedule of activities so, it’s helpful to plan out your day in advance. Make a mental note of the events you’re most interested in to ensure you arrive on time and have the energy to stay engaged when communicating with others.

Research, research, research

Take a look at the websites and social media of the organisations you will be visiting ahead of time and the people you’d most like to talk to there. Companies appreciate someone who is willing to put in time to understand their business, their values and their interests. The extra research could help you stand out and the information you gather will provide the basis for engaging conversations.

Have your elevator pitch ready

Student Treks are your golden opportunity to introduce yourself to someone within your dream organisation or working in your dream role. Make sure you have a punchy and concise introduction ready and rehearsed to start a conversation with others - but keep it under 30 seconds!

Prepare to engage and network

The impression you leave on others is hugely important in any networking situation. Make sure you show up as the best version of yourself and stay open and eager to communicate with anyone you meet. Sometimes, all it takes is one positive interaction to lead you to being recommended for a role.

As an MSc Marketing student, I’m really looking forward to travelling to London to meet with experts from the likes of Unilever and Ogilvy. I’m hoping to work in a tech-related industry as a marketing and communications professional when I graduate, so I know that these networking tips will come in handy. Thankfully, having the Student Development Team on hand to help throughout our Business School journeys means we have the support to guide us through these professional milestones.