The Business School is proud to be headline sponsor the CIPD Scotland Virtual Conference 2021 and support their exploration of the role of the people profession in helping organisations and the economy move forward after Covid-19.

Why Us? Why Now?

The challenges of 2020 have accelerated significant changes that were already underway in the world of work. Agile thinking, technology, upskilling, strong leadership, and partnership working have never been more important. Here at the Business School we believe that we can deliver the most powerful results by sharing insights and working together.

In addition to our portfolio of world-class postgraduate study and MBA, we deliver customised executive education programmes and a range of off-the-shelf Masterclasses with a focus on skills development, deliverable online or in-person. Whether you are seeking to develop the leadership skills of senior management, introduce the latest thinking in sustainable operations, or invest in upskilling specific functions such as analytics, we value the opportunity to connect. We also run a busy schedule of free events (lectures, panel discussions, and festivals) and have an archive of rich content to share with the wider business community.

Connect with us to explore opportunities and challenges by emailing us and we can arrange a call back or meeting to discuss this further at your convenience.

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