This 10 week programme brings experts from the Business School, Law School and the Edinburgh Futures Institute together to explore 4 key areas. You’ll study at your own pace, before coming together with the class for a live session at the end of each course.


Agile Marketing

Consumer expectation and interaction with brands is always changing. New technologies and updates to existing ones are frequently introduced. Marketing professionals need an agile mindset to take advantage of the changes and design the best consumer experience.

Sustainable Marketing

For many organisations, a shift from selling to well-being will be a difficult yet inevitable choice. To facilitate a smooth transition, marketers need to clearly communicate the value of well-being, sustainability and Net Zero.

This course considers environmental, equality and economical sustainability. It looks at the shifts in business practice, made by those already leading the way in this field, and explores how marketing is used to communicate the value created.

Data in Business

In the third course on the programme, participants learn about data and data ethics and consider the ethical design and use of AI.

Marketing professionals develop an understanding of visual data and the application of AI for business.

Digital Transformation

Investigate the latest technologies and build the skills to continually incorporate the changes into marketing tactics and strategies.

Participants will also consider the interaction between law, science and technology.


Dr Ewelina Lacka, Reader in Digital Marketing and Analytics

Ewelina's published work examines the impact of digital technologies on consumers and businesses. She works alongside industry, including DataLab, to research and advance digital marketing. Prior to coming to the University of Edinburgh, Ewelina lectured in marketing at both the University of Glasgow and Strathclyde.

Dr Mary Ho, Lecturer in Marketing

Mary lectures on the MSc Marketing programme. She is particularly interested in the use of data and behavioural science to understand consumers and user experiences. She specialises in marketing to children and young people and non-profit marketing with a specific focus on social, societal and charities marketing.

Dr Fumi Kitagawa, Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Fumi lectured at the University of Manchester Business School before joining the University of Edinburgh in 2015. She recently worked on data-driven innovation strategies as part of the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal. She is currently a Co-Investigator of an international project on AI governance and ethics, with the Alan Turing Institute in London, and RIKEN in Tokyo.

Debbie Crompton, Teaching Fellow in Innovation and Digital Entrepreneurship

Debbie is a Business Management Lecturer and Consultant. She’s started up and developed a number of successful businesses across sectors. She’s advised 100s of start-ups and growing businesses. Now she lectures in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and the Circular Economy.

Dr Jennifer Yule, Lecturer in Marketing

Jennifer lectures in international marketing at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her expertise are in analysing and crafting messages which signal expertise, trust and credibility to consumers to inform decision making.

Dr Ben Marder, Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Ben is Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Director of Postgraduate Research Programmes. He is particularly interested in the impact of emojis and GIFs, vertical video formats, augmented reality, virtual items in the games/Metaverse and influencers.

Professor Tina Harrison, Professor of Financial Services Marketing

Before coming to the University of Edinburgh in 1993, Tina was a researcher at the Financial Services Research Centre at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST). Now Professor of Financial Services Marketing and Consumption, Tina specialises in financial services marketing. She is currently leading a project in partnership with Aegon UK to develop a tool to enable longer term planning and saving.

Professor Angela Tregear, Professor of Marketing

Angela has undertaken projects on food, agriculture and the rural environment for the European Commission, the Economic and Social Research Council, Defra and the National Trust. She has built an in-depth understanding of behaviours, branding strategies and policies that shape agrifood markets, supply chains and systems, and the consequences they have for the environment, communities and society.

Dr Victoria Rodner, Lecturer in Marketing

A Venezuelan national, Victoria worked in Brazil before joining the University of Edinburgh. Her expertise are in emerging markets, brand narratives and value-creation.

Dr Andre Santos, Lecturer in Predictive Analytics

Prior to joining the University of Edinburgh, Andre was senior research fellow at the UC3M-Santander Big Data Institute, where he worked to further machine learning and artificial intelligence. His expertise are in quantitative finance, risk management and applications of machine learning.

Professor Shannon Vallor, Professor of Ethics of Data and Artificial Intelligence

Shannon is Chair in the Ethics of Data and Artificial Intelligence at the Edinburgh Futures Institute. Her work explores how new technologies, especially AI, robotics, and data science, reshape human moral character and practices. It includes advising policymakers and industry on the ethical design and use of AI. She is a Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute, and currently chairs Scotland's Data Delivery Group.

Dr Hajar Mozaffar, Senior Lecturer in Innovation

Before becoming a lecturer, Hajar spent 10 years in management and consultancy working on large scale IT implementation projects. She worked on the evaluation team for NHS England's Global Digital Exemplar Programme, where she is studying the supply markets of Hospital Information Systems.

Dr Jordana Viotto Da Cruz, Lecturer in Entrepreneurship

Jordana studied in Paris before joining the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group at the University of Edinburgh Business School in 2019. Her interest lies in the economics of digital platforms, alternative entrepreneurial finance and innovative ecosystems.

Professor Burkhard Schafer, Professor of Computational Legal Theory

Burkhard considers the interaction between law, science and technology. He is a co-director of the Joseph Bell Centre for Legal Reasoning and Forensic Statistics and works on questions of legal technology and its role in the justice system.

Dr Teea Palo, Senior Lecturer in Marketing

From business models to myths, Teea’s work investigates how actors narrate, circulate and share stories of imagined markets, and how these stories materialise into markets. Teea has over 10 years teaching experience in higher education andis a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the UK.