Do you have a challenge? We'd like to help you solve it. Our international team of world-leading academics and industry experts will work with you to find the perfect solution for your business or governmental department.

Your expert partner

A business school should be a business partner: a knowledgeable expert you can rely on for the learning and solutions that fuel meaningful change.

At the University of Edinburgh Business School we design innovative and tailored learning programmes.

We take pride in creating a safe learning space and a welcoming location where individuals and groups can think at depth about new strategies, solutions and insights. Rather than prescriptive solutions, here debate and discussion is as valued as theory and practice.

Whether based on an existing course or designed from scratch, custom training can prove to be a cost-effective solution that builds knowledge, understanding and the confidence to act and think differently.

Tailored professional development

While learning at our School is a led by a collaborative approach, we keep in mind that cohorts comprise individuals. That’s why, whenever possible, our School embeds 1-2-1 personal and professional development into our executive programmes. Some typical support areas include self-awareness, presentation skills, influencing techniques and communication; tailored to your needs. Emotional intelligence assessments and executive coaching are two popular ways of building self-awareness.

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