Alumni of the Banking and Risk programme provide their views on the programme.

Julien Haddad

Programme: MSc Banking and Risk, 2013

My main reason for choosing the Masters was to significantly increase my employability. I know from experience how competitive the job market is, so it was important to me to secure a Masters from a prestigious institution.

The part of the course I most enjoyed was my dissertation. I investigated shadow banking and its implications for the UK. I was supervised by my lecturer in Business Economics, Dr Fernando Moreira, and by Invesco's Chief Economist. Connecting with such a large financial firm on the School's doorstep was a great experience.

My advice to new students is to be tenacious, secure as many internships as possible - it's the way to get the experience employers are looking for.

The Masters, combined with internships, has helped me secure a job as a Risk Analyst which sees me analysing investment funds and working alongside the risk management team to mitigate Operational, Fiduciary and Legal risks.