We look forward to welcoming our MSc students in September 2021.

The teaching and learning experience is very much dependent on Covid-19 restrictions in Scotland, however we are working on the basis that students will join us in Edinburgh, where we plan to deliver a mix of in-person and digital teaching for the academic year starting in September 2021.

The information below is specific to Postgraduate Taught Masters at the Business School.


We are expecting to have to follow physical distancing restrictions for all in-person activities in the next academic year, with other additional Covid-19 protection rules in place such as face covering, hygiene measures, and restrictions on large group gatherings. This means we are unable to accommodate all students in our classrooms at the same time.

Currently, we plan to maximise in-person teaching and deliver as much in-person teaching as we can accommodate. However, as we are likely to be restricted by room capacities due to physical distancing measures, this will mean in some cases a mix of online and in-person delivery will be used.

We expect that on some courses the delivery will be split; digital for some whole classes (over 50 students), and in person for the small group seminars/tutorials. On other courses, the size of the class will allow for the course to be delivered entirely in person.

For a minority of courses, dependant on class sizes and room capacity, and for some activities we may need to alternate access to digital/in-person activities (for example a group of students will attend some weeks digitally live, some weeks in person). Our objective is to deliver as much activity in-person as we can accommodate in our teaching spaces.

This planning is dependent on whether regulations will allow for teaching delivery at 1 meter distance. Would this change, the balance of in-person and digital delivery would change. For example, if the physical distancing restrictions are relaxed in Semester 2 we may be able to increase the amount of in-person delivery. Full online delivery of your programme would only take place if Covid-19 regulations in Scotland prevent any teaching in-person.

For each Business School course, depending on the number of credits, you can expect at least 10 (for 10 credit courses) to 20 (for 20 credit courses) contact hours per course (delivered either digitally or in-person), complemented with pre-recorded material as appropriate.

Please be assured that your safety and that of our staff remain paramount and that we are eager to ensure as much of the 'Edinburgh experience' for our students as possible.

We continue to monitor government guidance on Covid-19 prevention measures and will adjust our 2021–22 plans in response to any relevant changes.

Student Support

Our postgraduate taught programmes (PGT) are supported by a dedicated Administration and Support Team.

The PGT Team works closely with programme directors, course organisers, personal tutors, and the Student Development Team, are responsible for the smooth administration of all elements of your programme and courses throughout your year in Edinburgh.

In the next academic year, we will be offering both in-person and online support to provide flexibility to students.

Further Information

We appreciate that this information is not very detailed, but hope it provides an insight into what you can expect next academic year.We will share more information with you as soon as we can. We are working on finalising the timetable for Semester 1 over the summer, at which point we anticipate a further update.

Additional guidance for all new students can be found on the University’s Postgraduate Study pages: