Details of the databases the Accounting and Finance group have access to through Library subscriptions.


A global financial markets database providing news, analytics, real-time pricing for over 5 million securities world-wide, plus extensive historical pricing and stock charts.


BoardEx provides access to extensive data on the boards of publicly listed and notable private companies in all regions of the world.

Capital IQ (S&P)

Capital IQ is widely used in industry and combines deep global company information, credit ratings and research, and market research with tools for risk assessments.


Fundamental and market data on over 32,500 North American and over 42,000 non-North American public companies, with over 5,000 data items.

Available from the WRDS platform.


Datastream provides key data sets from both developed and emerging markets—equities, market indices, company accounts, macroeconomics, bonds, foreign exchange, interest rates, commodities, and derivatives.


Eikon provides information on markets, indices, company and economic information, and historical financial data.


FAME is a financial information database of all UK and Irish companies updated monthly.

ISS Directors Data (formerly Riskmetrics)

ISS contains board and director data (previous appointments, gender, ethnicity, independence and so on) for S&P 1500 firms since 1994.

Available from the WRDS platform.

London Share Price Database

The London Share Price Database (LSPD) is a unique, comprehensive database of UK stock returns covering some 9,000 UK shares from 1955 to date. It is an invaluable resource for both academic researchers and asset management firms.

Mergent Archives (Mergent by FTSE Russell)

Mergent Archives is an online database providing you with access to a collection of corporate and industry related documents. It contains more than 180,000 documents covering over 100 countries and industries.

Morningstar Direct

Morningstar Direct is an advanced investment research platform providing global investment data.


Orbis contains comprehensive information on companies worldwide, with an emphasis on private company information. The subscription covers very large companies.


S&P ExecuComp

ExecuComp offers executive compensation data in addition to detailed breakouts of compensation data under the pre-2006 reporting rules for those who are researching historical compensation trends.

Available from the WRDS platform.

SNL Financial

The SNL Financial platform provides all the information you need for worldwide bank analysis.


Company, environmental, social and governance (ESG) data covering 4,500 companies and all major global indices.

Thomson One

Thomson One provides access to quotes, earnings estimates, financial fundamentals, market moving news, transaction data, corporate filings, ownership profiles, and research.

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)

WRDS is a research and data platform service which allows researchers to search a range of research datasets using the same simple interface.