We use gamification and systems thinking to explore complexity and help communities, companies, policy-makers and society to make better decisions in the face of grand challenges.

In modern times, we have to address some of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced, such as climate change. As the world around us becomes more complex and interconnected, it is increasingly difficult to address them, as attempts to solve problems in one part of the system can lead to numerous unintended consequences elsewhere.

GST lab is a multidisciplinary team of academics, researchers and students, passionate about understanding complexity around us and making the world a better place. The lab provides an environment to enable research that supports improving performance in organisations and decision making in complex and uncertain world, by combining expertise and gamification and systems thinking. We focus on three areas:

A group of plastic board game pieces as nodules within a network

Understanding complexity

Developing capacity for decision making in complex systems, and environments for exploring complexity and different viewpoints

A composite image that shows the blending of real and virtual worlds

Simulations & Scenario Thinking

Developing environments for engaging with models and simulations, and exploring alternative scenarios

A user interface showing various data visualisations

Interventions for System's Change

Studying system's behaviour and designing interventions for system's change

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Further information about the Gamification and Systems Thinking Lab, including details about past and present research projects, can be found on our dedicated website.

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