The Marketing seminar series provides a platform to share cutting-edge and leading research in finance and accounting.

Members of the Marketing Group have been successful in obtaining Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funding for a number of prestigious seminar series. These seminars:

  • provide opportunities for key issues to be explored from an interdisciplinary perspective
  • facilitate knowledge exchange between academics and other stakeholders
  • build international networks of academics at different stages in their careers
  • identify future research agendas

Financial Services and Consumers: Issues and Challenges in a Context of Change

This seminar series focused on the issues and challenges facing consumers in the context of recent and ongoing regulatory and policy developments. These developments aim to increase engagement, support informed decision-making and benefit consumers from tougher regulation and protection. However, the full effect of these developments is still to be felt on consumers.


  • Dr Tina Harrison
  • Dr Dahlia El-Manstrly

Research Period

18 March 2014–9 October 2015


The seminar series discusses the issues and challenges facing consumers in financial services decision-making in the context of recent and ongoing regulatory and policy developments. At a time when the global financial services industry faces pressure to change, the seminar series will make an important contribution in helping to inform that change and related debates.

The series will explore the interconnections between three main themes:

  1. Consumer financial literacy, capacity and experience in making financial decisions
  2. The financial advice and guidance landscape and regulatory structure supporting and protecting consumer financial decisions
  3. The role of new media and technology in supporting and enabling decision-making, including the potential to empower, include or exclude certain groups.


  • Professor James Devlin, University of Nottingham
  • Dr Anthony Gandy, IFS, University College
  • Dr Kathryn Waite, Heriot-Watt University

Vulnerable Consumers

This seminar series focused on consumer vulnerability. For some time now consumer disadvantage and vulnerability has been explored by consumer researchers wishing to highlight particular human conditions and positively affect individual well-being.


  • Dr Susan Dunnett

Research Period

1 November 2012–31 October 2014


We focus on consumer vulnerability and characterise it as an undesirable state catalysed by a number of human conditions and contexts. Vulnerability is not necessarily experienced as a permanent state and can often be felt in times of transition - job loss, bereavement, ill health, natural disaster, ageing and the identity, and the lifestyle shift required in becoming a parent. These conditions and characteristics affect how individuals experience, interpret and respond to the marketplace and often how the marketplace responds to them.

The central aims of the seminar series are firstly to provide a space to critically engage with the notion of consumer vulnerability in order to promote dialogue and interchange between researchers, practitioners and policy makers; and secondly, to create a supportive forum through which to foster methodological good practice and encourage collaborative research projects. This more practical agenda will facilitate the exploration of the ethics of such research and the identification of research barriers within Management/Business Schools and the social sciences more broadly.


  • Dr Kathy Hamilton, University of Strathclyde
  • Professor Maria Piacentini, University of Lancaster

Motherhood, Markets and Consumption


The overall aim of the motherhood, markets and consumption seminar series was to raise awareness of the substantive, ethical, social, epistemological, and methodological issues facing researchers in this area.