31 January 2020

Vrinda Narain shares her recommendations for key items to pack in your suitcase.
Man walking with headphones and backpack on George IV Street, Edinburgh

I have lived in Edinburgh for four years now, but I still vividly remember the day I arrived here. I was unprepared and completely oblivious to the weather, but with time and experience, I learned. So here I am passing on some of my wisdom to you so that you can be better prepared for your arrival in Edinburgh. Here are some of the things I recommend bringing with you:

1. Passport, IDs, and Important Documents

Well, this is an important one for obvious reasons—you're not getting very far if you don't have your passport. Also pack important document, including your accommodation contract, university acceptance letter, and so on. You will need these at various places like the airport, university accommodation check-in, and international student check-in.

2. A Warm Waterproof Jacket

You will be arriving in Edinburgh just at the end of summer so you will need a warm jacket—and make sure it is waterproof. A warm cap, leg warmers, waterproof trousers, and thick socks are also recommended for cold winds and rainy days.

3. Raincoat/Umbrella

September is generally the wettest month so trust me you will need that raincoat at some point soon after your arrival. Scotland's weather is very unpredictable and experiencing all four seasons in one day is not uncommon, so be prepared. Umbrellas are great too but these can be hard to walk with sometimes when it's windy.

4. Adapter

If you are from India, Europe, or any other foreign country where they use different plugs, you will need an adapter to charge all your gadgets, which are an absolute necessity for a student. Make sure to bring it with you or buy it from the airport. It's not always easily available here.

5. Earphones

These can be a lifesaver in noisy places, for example when you are studying on campus or on the bus.

6. First-aid Kit

We hope you don't have to use this but it never hurts to be prepared. Bringing medication for the common cold, minor cuts, headache and so on might come in handy.

7. Toilet Wet Wipes/Toiletries

Wet wipes are an absolute lifesaver if you're from the land of bidet showers. I would also bring other toiletries that you might need soon after your arrival.

8. Snacks/Food

You might go shopping as soon as you arrive in Edinburgh, but it would be a good idea to bring something with you in case you arrive late in the night. Many of the shops here close by 10!

9. Good Waterproof Shoes

You are going to be running around a lot if you're a student and for that you need comfortable shoes. So invest in some good quality footwear.

And now, the most important thing you need to bring with you:

10. A Positive Attitude

Settling in to a new place can be challenging and scary, but with patience and a positive attitude you will be living like a local in no time!

I hope you found this article helpful. Good luck and safe travels!

Vrinda Narain

Vrinda Narain is studying for the MSc in Marketing