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Eminent Chinese Economist appointed Honorary Professor

11 May 2017

Renowned Chinese Economist, Professor Li Yining, has been awarded an Honorary Professorship by University of Edinburgh Business School.

The appointment recognises the leading academic’s contribution to China’s economic reforms since the 1980s, which have been integral to the country’s rapid development.

Having authored more than 100 publications, Professor Yining is widely credited as a one of the drivers behind the marketisation of the Chinese economy.

His major contributions include the development of the theories of economic disequilibrium share-holding in a Chinese context, which promoted the move away from a tightly-controlled planned economy to a more open market-oriented system.

The founding Dean of Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management (1985 – 2005), Professor Yining has played a key role in the official collaboration between the institution and University of Edinburgh Business School since its inception in 2014.

A senior expert in low carbon and environmental economic research in China, he has also actively supported the development of joint carbon research and education projects between the two Schools.

Professor Xi Liang, Senior Lecturer in Energy Finance & Director of the Centre for Business and Climate Change at University of Edinburgh Business School, said:

“We are very pleased to announce Professor Li Yining’s appointment as Honorary Professor at the Business School.

“His impressive body of work has played a fundamental and profound role in China’s economic development. Many of the advantages the country now enjoys can trace their roots to the theories he pioneered during the past thirty years.

“It is an honour for us to be able to recognise this contribution and further celebrate our relationship with PKU’s Guanghua School of Management.”