29 March 2019

A recent exhibition in Edinburgh by nine of the UK’s leading business schools showed how their research is addressing issues such as sustainable growth, global security, ageing societies, and climate change.

The University of Edinburgh Business School hosted the first ever Chartered Association of Business Schools (Chartered ABS) Research Exhibition, ‘Solutions for a fairer and prosperous society’.

The exhibition featured a series of interactive displays and hands-on activities bringing each research project to life. The research projects included:

  • Helping to improve young adults’ financial capability, including the development of financial education training for teachers and a financial education curriculum for post-16 students (University of Edinburgh Business School)
  • How smart technologies such as AI and virtual reality are improving the wellbeing of communities by improving the use of green spaces such as urban and national parks (Lancaster University Management School)
  • Supporting patients to find alternative locations for urgent care, helping to reduce overcrowding in A&E by spreading demand for minor ailments among the network of minor injuries clinics (University of Exeter Business School)

Tina Harrison, Professor of Financial Services Marketing and Consumption at the University of Edinburgh Business School, said:

"It was great to showcase the important work we've been doing to help young adults manage their money as they move from school to college, university or employment. Our research has had a real impact, influencing the approach of the UK-wide Money Advice Service, the practice of a leading provider of financial education to schools, and the development of training for teachers.

"Financial capability is essential for financial well-being, yet three-quarters of young adults admit to making money mistakes in their first years of financial independence. This project is a great example of how University of Edinburgh Business School is developing solutions for a fair and prosperous society."

Anne Kiem, Chief Executive, Chartered Association of Business Schools, said:

"In all the talk about universities it’s sometimes missed that their research plays a vital role in finding solutions to society’s challenges, as well as the more day to day issues many of us face. This exhibition gave visitors the opportunity to find out how these great pieces of research are making a positive impact.”