Our Student Ambassador shares her thoughts on the programme and experience in Edinburgh so far.
Headshot of Prthika

What was your study and/or professional background prior to this programme?

I studied B Com (Hons) with finance being my major from O.P. Jindal Global University in India. I have also worked as a finance and accounting intern and as a private wealth management intern prior to this.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Edinburgh Business School?

I opted for the University of Edinburgh Business School due to its prestigious reputation and impressive ranking. The finance course modules were particularly attractive, complemented by the extensive services offered by the career service department. The positive experiences shared by alumni and the numerous opportunities for networking with renowned industry professionals further solidified my choice.

About the course

What was it about the degree programme that particularly attracted you?

The degree programme particularly attracted me because of the professors, renowned for their research in fascinating areas of finance that sparked my curiosity. Additionally, the comprehensive coverage and diversity of the course modules were highly appealing.

How many people are on your programme (approx.), and what is the diversity mix like?

My programme consists of approximately 70 students, representing a diverse tapestry of around 10 different countries. This cultural diversity enriches our cohort, offering a vibrant and inclusive learning environment.

What does a typical day look like for you on this programme?

On a typical day in this programme, I usually have two classes, each lasting two hours, especially on busier days. In between classes, I often hang out with friends, grabbing a bite or coffee and enjoying good conversation. Besides classes, I attend seminars and various events, which I thoroughly enjoy. After my classes, I like to unwind by taking a walk in the Meadows or exploring the city, finding it peaceful and rejuvenating.

How much time do you spend in lectures and how much time do you spend studying each week (approx.)?

I approximately have 10 hours of lecture during the week. I do self-studying for around 20 hours a week.

How feasible do you think it is to work part-time while pursing your Masters?

I believe it's quite feasible to work part-time while pursuing your Master's, provided you possess strong time management skills. The flexibility of choosing workdays around your lecture schedule, especially on lighter academic days or weekends, makes balancing the two commitments manageable. Working up to 15 hours a week can be practical if you effectively manage your time. I also have friends who are successfully juggling part-time jobs alongside their studies, further reinforcing the feasibility of this approach.

What have been the differences between the teaching & learning methods in Scotland compared with your home country?

Coming from India, I've noticed both similarities and differences in the teaching and learning methods here in Scotland. The lecture style is quite similar, with two-hour sessions being a common format. However, the assessment style stands out as distinctly different, particularly in courses where the entire grade hinges on a 100% exam, a concept that was initially quite challenging to adapt to. Additionally, the inclusion of extra tutorials and seminars in some courses has been a significant and beneficial change.

What course have you enjoyed the most so far and why?

So far, the course I've enjoyed the most is Corporate Finance, largely due to the interactive teaching style of the lecturer, Pia. Additionally, my innate interest in the topics covered under the course resonated deeply with the comprehensive curriculum. Pia's expertise and approachable teaching method, combined with my passion for the subject matter, made this course not only informative but also immensely enjoyable and memorable.

Student experience

Have you been involved with any industry activities so far (e.g. company visits, guest speakers, student development, professional development sessions)?

Yes, I have been involved in ample of industry activities. Some of which include the guest speakers invited from various companies, the student development sessions for the Edinburgh Award in Global Employability, the career expo and many more.

Is there a specific experience you’ve had so far on the programme that stands out?

A standout experience was a guest lecture by Shadi Kirk, a financial advisor for women, which resonated deeply with my interests. Learning from her insights and connecting with her was incredibly valuable. Additionally, the career expo, especially the keynote session, was another highlight. It offered a wealth of information and refreshing perspectives from various companies, making it an insightful and enjoyable part of the program.

Have you joined any clubs or societies? What do you like to do outside of your studies? How do you spend your weekends?

Yes, I've joined the Investment Society, aligning perfectly with my passion for finance and offering enriching experiences. Outside of my studies, I enjoy connecting with diverse individuals, absorbing their unique experiences. Daily workouts are also a staple for me, ensuring I stay fit and energized. My weekends are usually dedicated to exploring new spots in the city and catching up on coursework, striking a balance between leisure and academic commitments.

Have you done any travel to other parts of Scotland or the UK since arriving in Edinburgh?

Since arriving in Edinburgh, I haven't travelled outside the city yet, as I've been focusing on adapting to the new environment and managing my studies. However, I'm looking forward to exploring more, with plans to visit London and Inverness soon on my itinerary.

What kind of accommodation are you living in and why did you choose that option?

I'm residing in private student accommodation, primarily because the desirable university accommodation options were already taken by the time, I began my housing search. This choice was a practical solution to ensure I secured a comfortable and suitable living space for my academic year.

How did you go about making friends and building a community in Edinburgh?

To build a community in Edinburgh, I actively interacted with my batchmates, leading to some wonderful friendships. Additionally, I reached out to students from different batches during various sessions, broadening my social circle. Attending events organized by the Indian Society was also a significant step, allowing me to connect with fellow Indians and cultivate a sense of home away from home. These efforts collectively helped me establish a supportive and diverse network of friends.

Looking ahead

What are you hoping to do after you graduate from this programme?

After graduating from this program, my aim is to secure a job in either wealth management or investment banking. I'm eager to transition the theoretical knowledge I've acquired into practical application, making a meaningful impact in the finance sector. This next step is about leveraging my education and experiences to embark on a fulfilling career path in these dynamic and challenging fields.

Do you have any tips for people considering applying to the Business School?

For those considering applying to the Business School, my primary tip is to choose a program that truly ignites your passion. It's crucial to not only select a field you are genuinely interested in but also to effectively convey that enthusiasm in your Statement of Purpose (SOP). Your SOP should reflect your dedication and eagerness to delve into the program, showcasing how your interests align with what the course offers. Demonstrating this genuine passion can significantly strengthen your application.