Our Student Ambassador shares her thoughts on the programme and experience in Edinburgh so far.
Photograph of Swikriti

What was your study and/or professional background prior to this programme?

Prior to this programme, I completed a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a concentration in Marketing and earned an Honours degree. My professional background includes working for a digital marketing firm as a client service executive and contributing to projects aimed at poverty alleviation. These experiences provided a diverse foundation for my current pursuits.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Edinburgh Business School?

I chose the University of Edinburgh Business School for the dynamic city, cultural richness, and commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Additionally, the university's focus on social and civic responsibility, along with its dedication to fostering a conscious future impact resonated with my values and aspirations.

About the course

What was it about the degree programme that particularly attracted you?

I chose the MSc in Global Strategy and Sustainability programme for its focus on analytical business knowledge, incorporating both quantitative and qualitative indicators. Courses like Global Creative Industries and Responsible Management of Digital Innovation focus on interdisciplinary, research-based approach to understanding innovation, social responsibility, and global markets. The available choices aligned with my interest in exploring the complexities of business dynamics and their broader societal impacts.

How many people are on your programme (approx.), and what is the diversity mix like?

There are approximately 46 individuals enrolled my programme, representing a diverse mix of backgrounds. With participants from over 15 countries, the program fosters a rich multicultural environment, offering unique perspectives and insights from various regions and cultures.

What does a typical day look like for you on this programme?

A typical day in the programme for me involves attending lectures and seminars with occasional guest speakers. There’s probably some event organized the student development team, which might be for personal or career development. I also often go to the Meadows for lunch with my peers, and then spend some hours in the Study Hub preparing for classes and going through readings.

How much time do you spend in lectures and how much time do you spend studying each week (approx.)?

I spend approximately 10 hours attending lectures each week. Beyond that, I dedicate around 20-30 hours to research, completing assignments, engaging in teamwork activities, and keeping up with readings.

How feasible do you think it is to work part-time while pursing your Masters?

I believe it's possible to work part-time while pursuing the degree. The programme's flexibility allows for scheduling work around classes, and the readings are self-paced. There are days without classes in a week, a lot of events that are optional, as well as weekends when one can work. It requires effective time management to balance academic and work commitments, but it's achievable.

What have been the differences between the teaching & learning methods in Scotland compared with your home country?

The teaching and learning methods in Scotland differ notably from those in my home country. Here, there's a strong emphasis on self-paced learning and research, with an abundance of data-driven and research-based approaches. Additionally, the grading system, unlike the 4.0 GPA system that I was used to, follows a distinct approach, requiring adjustment.

What course have you enjoyed the most so far and why?

The course I've enjoyed the most so far is Global Creative Industries. It delves into businesses but through the lens of creative industries as art worlds. The global case studies were captivating and broadened my perspective on potential career paths. As someone with a longstanding interest in the arts, this course opened a new door for me — an intersection of art and business that I hadn't fully explored before. It's been truly inspiring and eye-opening.

Student experience

Have you been involved with any industry activities so far (e.g. company visits, guest speakers, student development, professional development sessions)?

Yes, I've been involved in various industry activities during my time in the programme. For instance, we recently had an insightful session with a UN alumnus sharing their experiences, mock interviews with Deloitte and a guest lecture by an agile coaching expert from North Carolina. Currently, I'm engaged in a project with Kingscroft Pvt Ltd, working with my team as consultants to develop a business strategy for their entry into luxury market in the UK.

Have you joined any clubs or societies? What do you like to do outside of your studies? How do you spend your weekends?

While my weeks are busy with studies, I prioritize rest and recharge during weekends. I enjoy exploring Edinburgh's cultural offerings—museums, markets, parks, and lakes provide a refreshing change. With the city's charming coffee shops and quaint bookstores, each outing feels like a mini adventure. These moments of leisure recharge me, providing a balance to my academic pursuits.

Have you done any travel to other parts of Scotland or the UK since arriving in Edinburgh?

Yes, since arriving in Edinburgh, I've explored some parts of Scotland and the UK. I visited the West Highlands and took a refreshing dip in Loch Lomond for New Years. I also travelled to Newcastle and London, both of which offered stunning scenery and experiences. I have further plans to explore more places in May, particularly when the weather is more favorable.

What kind of accommodation are you living in and why did you choose that option?

I’m currently residing in student accommodation. I opted for this option due to its safety and convenience. There's a sense of security knowing there's always someone available for assistance. Additionally, the accommodation fosters a strong sense of community. Frequent events and parties provide opportunities to meet new people, form friendships, and build valuable connections, enriching my overall experience during my time here.

How did you go about making friends and building a community in Edinburgh?

I built my community in Edinburgh by connecting with my cohort, which provided a supportive network of peers sharing similar experiences. Attending business school and accommodation events also helped, and there were frequent opportunities for social gatherings where I met new people constantly. I find that approaching people with a smile and authenticity always helps. Especially in a city like Edinburgh with its diverse community, people are open to conversations.

Looking ahead

What are you hoping to do after you graduate from this programme?

After graduating from this programme, I aim to explore various opportunities. I'm looking into graduate jobs in London, but I'm also open to international opportunities within the EU. While I haven't finalized my plans yet, I'm excited about the possibilities.

Do you have any tips for people considering applying to the Business School?

If you're thinking about applying to the Business School, here's a little advice: Take a moment to explore the school's culture and see if it feels like home. Dive into the course curriculum and see if there are subjects that spark genuine curiosity. You'll meet passionate people and inspiration everywhere you turn. Embrace the journey, and let your passion guide you!