Rhema Joseph, MSc International Human Resource Management, explains her experience taking part in the mentorship programme pilot with the Student Development Team.
The mentorship programme at the Business School

The Business School's Student Development Team ran an informal pilot mentoring scheme this academic year for MSc students. This programme was designed to provide them with support and an opportunity to be mentored by alumni of the Business School between January and August. I am fortunate to have been a part of this opportunity, having formal monthly check-ins with my mentor, and informal check-ins during the month.

What students gain from it

The mentorship programme leads to professional development, helps you gain valuable insights from your mentor in your field of interest, learn job-seeking strategies, gain advice on the next steps in your journey, and widen your network! Global mentors agree to participate in this programme and add value to the student's life. The Student Development Team also provides you with resources and information to help you make the first move and get the most out of your mentoring, so you don't have to worry if you are uncertain about what you're supposed to do.

Mentorship meetings

The mentorship meetings can take place online or offline, and the mentees make the first point of contact with their mentor, establish timeframes for meetings and fix a date and time that works best for both parties. Furthermore, mentees can discuss ongoing challenges of the course and next steps in their career or job search strategies and gain input and insight from their mentor. My meetings usually ended with a task for me to work on during the month, and I came up with questions the mentor can address in the following session.

Reflections on the programme

Reflecting on the programme so far, I feel it has been helpful in getting answers on crucial topics, understanding life after graduation, having conversations about job prospects and even some helpful tips for my future role! I feel having someone to gain insights from—who were once in my shoes and have moved on to roles they're passionate about—can be a value-add and help me in my next steps. You can also discuss different ways to professionally develop yourself and use those skills to excel in your future role. My mentor has found ways to encourage me during my dissertation period and a frantic job-hunt season, while assuring me that the best is yet to come!


Here are some testimonials from students who were positively impacted by the mentorship programme organised by the Student Development Team at the Business School.

The mentorship programme was very helpful to me as it gave me valuable insights into various aspects such as student experience, job searching strategies, dissertation advice and much more. My mentor checked in on me every month and was able to provide her inputs into any queries I had in mind. This programme helped me expand my network and learn more about the industry I want to work in.
The mentorship programme offered by the Business School and the Student Development Team proved to be quite fruitful in my MSc and professional journey. I was able to build a very strong network with my mentor who provided me with his guidance every step of the way. I feel very grateful to have been one of the students who was provided with this opportunity.

I’d suggest making use of all the opportunities and events that are organised at the Business School to sharpen your skills and professionally develop yourself alongside your programme—making you an even more attractive candidate to your potential employer!

Rhema Joseph is studying MSc International Human Resource Management (class of 2022).